My photography journey started when i got my hands on a Nokia e63 which had a decent camera for it's time and so my fascination with creating images began, fuelled by a desire to not only show the world what I see, but also how I see it, what started as a hobby exponentially grew into something that would later change my life years down the line.

My name is Solomon, I'm a Kenyan based portrait and documentary photographer with a deep appreciation for wild life and the great outdoors, a member of African Photojournalism Database  which is a collaboration between World Press Photo Foundation and Everyday Africa, and a believer that passion creates the change we want in the world.

I got the opportunity to travel across the country as a video production assistant documenting stories of different people and demographics, an experience that changed my perspective on how i view life today and introduced me to visual story telling, a journey that's been inspiring and monumental to me. I'm passionate about showcasing human truth but never placing human realities above human dignity.

Mine is a celebration of genuine every day moments, this is what connects my heart to my camera.


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